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Elopement Photography, Videography and Super 8mm Film

preserving intimate moments forever

Every beautiful person in front of the camera should be captured in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.

Escape the ordinary and celebrate your love in a uniquely intimate way by photos, video or Super 8mm Film. At VBP, we specialize in capturing the essence of your love story in the most authentic and personal manner.

Considering an elopement?

Elopements are very different from traditional weddings. While traditional weddings can be for both guest experience and wedding couple experience, elopements are more catered to you as a couple. With an elopement, finding the right photographer or filmmaker can be a little daunting and there is a lot to consider when planning. Here at VBP, we are dedicated to intentional planning and helping you every step of the way.

here are some helpful things to think about when planning your elopement day:

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This is huge. There is so much to consider when planning an elopement. With me on your side helping you navigate this and the right tools, your elopement day can be an amazing experience. And don't get me wrong, things do happen and they're may be bumps in the road...this is why we will also create a backup plan.

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This can be finding a great location that fits your needs as a couple. Whether you're inviting a few family members or it's just the two of you, location is so important. It's also a place that can be significant to you both for years to come or maybe even re-visit year after year. Not only will we narrow down a location, we will narrow down SPECIFICS for that location. If it's a national or state park--are there permits? How far in advance do you need to plan in order to say your "I DO's"? What are the legalities? These are all of the things to navigate together. As your photographer, it is also my responsibility to know these locations and be able to physically step foot in these locations prior to your elopement day if possible. Sometimes, that may not always be the case; however, you want someone who has done plenty of research prior to stepping foot in these locations to know what to anticipate and expect.

My job is to tell your stories and leave an indelible memory over time. I'm here to guide you to the best day of your lives.

Elopement Planning

Time of day:

Depending on the location, we will also narrow down time of day. Sunrise and sunset provide the most IDEAL times, but that may not be the case in any and all situations. This is why it's important to hire someone who knows how to navigate and photograph in harsh light, tactics to use to help you have beautiful photos no matter what time of day. This is why planning is also so important and key to having an awesome elopement experience.

What to bring:

Before we dive in, let's discuss Leave No Trace and what that means. Whatever items brought to certain locations must be taken with you. This is EVERYTHING must be accounted for when eloping or even casually hiking or doing sessions in state or national parks or even public places. This is something that is important to us, so when it comes to planning and activities or items brought on a wedding day, this is something we at VBP value. Whether your elopement location requires a hike, this is something to consider. If you are wanting certain items or decorations on your wedding day that can't be carried, consider a location that requires little to no hike/treck!

Let your focus be on each other.

You've been DREAMING of this day. No matter what happens, just remember to focus on you and your partner regardless of what the day may bring. Sometimes, we can do an extensive amount of planning and something may still happen. It's important to remember why you're there, why you did all the planning and preparation in the first place. It's because you chose your person and you chose to proclaim your love unapologetically. And that right there is so beautiful, my friends.


How long does a typical photo session last?

The duration of a photo session varies depending on the type and scope of the project. Portrait sessions typically range from 1 to 2 hours, while events and weddings can span several hours. We strive to provide ample time to capture all the important moments and ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the session.

How long does it take to receive the final edited photos?

We understand the anticipation of seeing your final photos. Our editing process typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the volume of images and the complexity of editing required. We prioritize quality and attention to detail to deliver exceptional images that exceed your expectations.

How long does it take to receive the final edited photos?

We understand the anticipation of seeing your final photos. Our editing process typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the volume of images and the complexity of editing required. We prioritize quality and attention to detail to deliver exceptional images that exceed your expectations.

Tell me a little about you and your love story!

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Elopement Photographer based in LUBBOCK, TX

Capturing your Love Story Journey

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Documenting Life's Extraordinary Moments


Elopements offer a chance to focus on each other without distractions. Whether it's a mountaintop ceremony or a beachside vow exchange, elopements create an intimate and romantic setting.


Say goodbye to convention and hello to personalization. Elopements allow you to create a day that truly reflects your relationship and unique personalities.


Simplify your wedding experience. Elopements are stress-free, allowing you to savor every moment without the pressure of a large guest list.

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The Approach

  • Pre-Planning Consultation: We begin with a detailed consultation to understand your vision, preferences, and the story you want to tell. This is a collaborative process where we work together to create a customized plan for your elopement.
  • Location Scouting: Whether you choose a remote destination or a hidden gem close to home, we help you find the perfect location for your elopement, ensuring it aligns with your vision and provides stunning backdrops for your photos/film.
  • Timeline Creation: We work with you to create a personalized timeline that allows for a relaxed and enjoyable elopement day. From the getting-ready moments to the final vows, every detail is considered.
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what to consider:

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I. Understanding Your Vision:

Before reaching out to a photographer/filmmaker, spend time articulating your vision. Consider the style, mood, and specific moments you want to capture on your elopement day. This is something that we can work together on and explore what that might look like.

II. Communication is key:

Transparent communication is vital. Share your thoughts, preferences, and any special requests with us! This ensures that we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

III. Experience Matters:

Looking for a photographer/filmmaker experienced in intimate weddings and elopements. Elopement photography, filmmaking and Super 8mm film require a unique set of skills to capture the spontaneity and intimacy of the day. Our style is a blend of documentary, fine art and storytelling.

elopement photographer & visual storyteller

How to book:

  1. Inquire- Reach out! Don't be shy. I'd love to hear all about your love story and your vision for your elopement day. You can fill out a contact form or schedule a call with me here.
  2. Accept Your Quote- Once we've discussed how you'd like to move forward, a personalized quote will be sent to you. You can customize based on any add-on's you want to include in your elopement photography/film collection.
  3. Pay Retainer & Sign- The combination of a paid retainer of 25% of the total cost of services as well as a signed contract solidifies your date in our calendar! This date is completely yours.
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