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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ginger, I'm a wedding and elopement photographer and videographer based in Lubbock, TX. I would love the opportunity to photograph some wonderful memories you can hold onto forever. I believe in capturing those unique, real moments that matter most to you. The moments you can look back on and remember the scenery, the people who were with you, the smells, how you felt in those moments, etc. I'm a firm believer in making memories and making them last through imagery or through films.

Whether it's planning your big day or you're needing some updated photos of you and your loved ones, finding a photographer that fits your needs is essential. My passion is to help you keep those memories special, safe and close to the heart.

Ginger, Wedding + Elopement Photographer & Filmmaker

Texas wedding and elopement photographer and filmmaker, Super 8mm filmmaker

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It all started when a girl in high school had a dream and was handed my first DSLR camera. I haven't always been a photographer, though. There was some time that I didn't take photos because my focus switched and I pursued my career as a nurse.

After some thought, I picked the camera back up again and began taking photographs of anything and everything. I began to fulfill the creative part of my brain again. After photographing my friends and family who would let me, I felt encouraged to photograph more and more. After my first wedding that I photographed, I fell in love with love and creating beautiful memories for beautiful people.

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